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  • Service kit
  • Oil filter
  • Gasket, oil filter
  • Gasket, oil filter housing
  • Oil pan drain plug
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Seal ring, oil plug
Air filter
Filter, cabin ventilation
Fuel filter
Gasket, fuel filter
Multigroove belt
Tooth belt
Belt tensioner
Spark plug
Wiper blade
Oil filter, automatic transmission
Brake fluid
Washer fluid
  • Engine oil
  • Transmission oil
  • Oil, other
Brake fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Coolant
Washer fluid
  • Washer fluid
  • Grease
  • Adhesive
  • Sealant
Other chemicals
  • Car care
  • Paint
  • Solvent
  • Chemicals, battery
  • Corrosion protection
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Saab chemicals
Orio chemicals
  • Multigroove belt
  • V-belt
  • Tooth belt
  • Belt tensioner
  • Cover, toothed belt
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Basic engine
  • Balance shaft
  • Bolt/nut, connecting rod
  • Connecting rod
  • Connecting rod bearing
  • Cover, engine
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Crankshaft, other
Cylinder liner
Engine pad, vibration damper
Bracket, engine mounting
Engine mounting, other
Torsion damper, flywheel
Frost plug
Gasket set, crankcase
Gasket set, transmission casing
Gasket, cam belt cover
Gudgeon pin
Guide rail, timing chain
Hose, crankcase ventilation
Main bearing
Oil nozzle, timing chain
Oil separator, crankcase ventilation
Other bushing, connecting rod
Piston ring
Piston, tensioner for timing chain
Plug, crankcase
Rubber pad, engine mounting
Stuffing box, crankshaft
Camshaft drive
Tensioner, timing chain
Transmission, other
Valve, crankcase ventilation
Washer, crankshaft pulley
Cylinder head
  • Camshaft
  • Camshaft housing
  • Camshaft, camshaft sprocket
  • Cylinder head
  • Cylinder head bolt
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Cylinder head, other
Exhaust valve
Gasket, camshaft cover
Gasket, camshaft housing
Gasket, cylinder head
Gasket, exhaust pipe
Gasket, intake manifold
Intake valve
Oil seal ring, camshaft
Pressure piece, intake/exhaust valve
Shim, valve clearance
Tappet, valves
Valve cover
Valve seal
Valve seat
Valve spring
Cooling system
  • Coolant
  • Coolant pump
  • Gasket set, water pump
  • Extra water pump
  • Bearing, water pump shaft
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Belt pulley, water pump
Driver plate, water pump
Housing, water pump
Radiator, engine cooling
Expansion tank, coolant
Radiator cap
Mounting, expansion tank-coolant
Bleed screw/valve, radiator
Radiator hose
Coolant pipe
Engine coolant temperature sensor
Expansion tank, other
Fan casing
Fan, radiator
Electric motor, radiator fan
Series resistor, electric motor-radiator fan
Fan, radiator, other
Thermostat, coolant
Thermostat housing
Fitting kit, thermostat housing
Gasket, thermostat housing
Level sensor, coolant level
Relay, fan connection
Sensor, coolant level
Thermocontact, radiator fan
Air shield, engine
Cooling system, other
Engine control
  • Control module, engine
  • Control module, injection
  • Control module, lambda control
  • Glow plug
  • Lambda sonde
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Knock sensor
Mass air flow sensor
Mass air flow sensor, other
Temperature contact, cold start system
Accelerator pedal
Cold start valve
Gear wheel, injection pump
Relay, control module-engine control
Relay, glow plug system
Tuning kit
Engine exch. un.
  • Basic engine
  • Complete engine
Exhaust emission control
  • Soot/particle filter, exhaust system
  • Sensor, particle filter
  • Catalytic converter
  • Lambda sonde
  • Bleeder valve
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Valve, active charcoal filter
Valve, fuel supply system
Ventilation line, fuel tank
Secondary air injection pump
Secondary air system
Valve, secondary air pump system
Valve, EGR exhaust control
Gasket, EGR valve
Pipe, EGR valve
Exhaust gas recirculation, other
Fuel system
  • Active charcoal filter, tank ventilation
  • Cap, fuel tank
  • Contact, fuel pressure
  • Control valve, fuel pressure
  • Filler pipe, fuel tank
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Fitting kit, fuel tank
Fuel filter
Fuel pipe
Fuel pump
Fuel rail
Fuel supply, other
Fuel tank
Gasket set, nozzle
Gasket, fuel filter
Holder set, fuel tank
Holder, fuel line - injection pump
Holder, fuel pump
Holder, injector
Hose coupling, fuel hose
Injection pump
Injection valve
Pressure accumulator, fuel pressure
Pressure controller, fuel pump
Pressure sensor, fuel tank
Relay, fuel pump
Repair kit, fuel pump
Ring gasket set, nozzle
Seal, tank sensor
Sensor, fuel tank
Set, injector
Sleeve, clamping band - fuel tank
Splash guard, fuel pump
Steel strap, fuel tank
Tank ventilation, other
Valve, fuel pump
Ventilator, fuel tank
Ignition system
  • Spark plug
  • Protective cover, ignition pin contact
  • Ignition lead
  • Ignition distributor
  • Distributor cap
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Distributor arm
Capacitor, ignition system
Contact set, distributor
Dust cover, ignition distributor
Control module, ignition system
Ignition coil
Ignition coil, direct ignition
Ignition system, other
  • Air filter
  • Air cleaner
  • Rubber buffer, air cleaner
  • Air hose
  • Bypass valve
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Charge air cooler
Charge air hose
Gasket, intake
Induction pipe
Induction pipe, other
Intake pipe, air supply
Pedal cover, accelerator
Ring seal, inlet hose-air filter housing
Throttle body
Throttle cable
Spring, throttle rod
Throttle adjustment, other
  • Oil filter
  • Cap, oil filter housing
  • Oil pan drain plug
  • Seal ring, oil plug
  • Housing, oil filter
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Gasket, oil filter
Gasket, oil filter housing
Gasket, oil pan
Gasket, dipstick
Gasket, oil strainer
Gasket, thermostat-oil cooler
Bearing sleeve, oil pump
Holder, oil cooler
Oil cooler, engine
Oil cooler, engine, other
Oil pan
Oil pressure switch
Oil pressure valve
Oil pump
Oil pump, other
Rotor set, oil pump
Rotor, oil pump
Sensor, engine oil level
Spring, pressure valve, oil pump
Strainer/intake pipe, oil pump
Thermostat, oil cooler
Lubrication, other
  • Turbo unit
  • Fitting kit, turbo
  • Fitting kit, turbo, other
  • Gasket, turbo
  • Gasket, water connection, turbo
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Oil line, turbo
Wastegate, turbo
  • Glow plug, block heater
  • Cable set, block heater
  • Engine heater
  • Fitting kit, block heater
  • Carburettor diaphragm
  • Diaphragm cap, carburettor
  • Carburettor, other
Exhaust pipe
  • Exhaust pipe
  • Manifold, exhaust system
  • Rear silencer
  • Centre silencer
  • Front silencer
  • Sport silencer
  • Silencer, set
Exhaust emission control
  • Catalytic converter
  • Soot/particle filter, exhaust system
Fitting kits/Accessories
  • Holder, exhaust system
  • Rubber buffer, silencer
  • Clamp kit, exhaust system
  • Clamp, exhaust system
  • Fitting kit, soot/particle filter
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Gasket, exhaust pipe
Heat shield
Manifold, exhaust system, other
Mounting nut, CO intake pipe
Nut, exhaust manifold
Screw, exhaust manifold
  • Bulb set
  • Bulb, headlight
  • Bulb, rear light
  • Bulb, brake light
  • Bulb, brake light, rear light
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Bulb, auxiliary brake light
Bulb, direction indicators
Bulb, parking light
Bulb, position light
Bulb, rear fog light
Bulb, fog light
Bulb, auxiliary headlight
Bulb, cornering light
Bulb, main beam
Bulb, belt warning light
Bulb, cabin air vent
Bulb, climate control
Bulb, daytime running lights
Bulb, door
Bulb, engine bay
Bulb, fan adjustment
Bulb, gear shift gate
Bulb, glove box light
Bulb, headlight switch
Bulb, instrument lighting
Bulb, interior lighting
Bulb, luggage compartment
Bulb, number plate light
Bulb, reading light
Bulb, sill lighting
Side marker
Auxiliary brake light
Brake light switch
Control module, lighting
Lens, headlight
Insert, headlight
Reflector, headlight
Housing, headlight
Adjustment screw, headlight
Cover, headlight
Gasket, headlight
Decor frame, headlight
Control module, headlight, beam levelling
Sensor, xenon headlight (beam length adjustment)
Xenon light, other
Headlight, other
Combination rear light
Tail light
Gasket, rear light
Direction indicators
Direction indicator lens
Reflector, direction indicators
Housing, direction indicators
Holder, direction indicators
Bulb holder, direction indicators
Reversing light
Spot lamp
Reflector, main beam
Installation kit, extra light
Front fog lamp kit
Insert, fog light
Reflector, fog light
Bulb holder, side marker light
Bulb socket
Door lighting
Door switch
Engine bay lighting
Gasket, position light
Gasket, side marker light
Housing, number plate lighting
Housing, side marker light
Holder, auxiliary lamp
Interior lighting
Light relay
Lighting, luggage compartment
Number plate lighting
Lens, number plate lighting
Bulb holder, number plate
Gasket, number plate lighting
Reading lamp
Reflector, side marker
Flasher relay
Delay relay, interior lighting
Relay, bulb test
Relay, fog light
Relay, reversing light
Rheostat, instrument lighting
Side direction indicators, set
Switch, direction indicators
Switch, fog light
Switch, hazard flashers
Switch, headlight
Switch, interior lighting
Switch, parking light
Switch, reversing light
Wiring, fog light
Lighting, other
Comfort system
  • Cigarette lighter
  • Heated rearview mirror
  • Switch, mirror adjustment
  • Switch, rear screen heater
  • Switch, sunroof
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Switch, window lift
Bracket, sensor, parking assistance
Control module, parking assistance
Diode, hood control
Electric motor, window lift
Parking assistance
Relay, hood control
Relay, sunroof/sliding roof
Relay, window lift
Sensor, parking assistance
Cruise control
  • Control module, cruise control
  • Cruise control
  • Fitting kit, cruise control
  • Cable, setting
Electrical system
  • Control module, CAN bus
  • Fibre/bus communication
  • Wiring harness
  • Generator
  • Alternator, other
  • Belt pulley, alternator
  • Charge regulator, complete
  • Carbon brush, alternator
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Drive bearing, alternator
Rectifier plate, alternator
Repair kit, alternator
  • Instrument unit
  • Instrument unit, other
  • Multifunction display
  • Speedometer
  • Clock
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Speed alarm
Sensor, boost pressure
Sensor, oil pressure
Sensor, outside temperature
Sensor, speed
Radio, telephone, navigation
  • Aerial amplifier
  • Antenna
  • Antenna cable
  • Antenna, other
  • Audio amplifier
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DVD player
Navigation system
Radio, head unit
Radio, other
Safety system
  • Airbag
  • Alarm siren
  • Alarm system
  • Control module, airbag
  • Door switch
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Lane warning system
Motion sensor, alarm system
Relay, alarm system
Relay, seat belt warning
Switch, alarm system
Tilt sensor, alarm system
Warning triangle
  • Relay, electrically adjustable front seat
  • Switch, seat heating
  • Cooling, seat
Signalling system
  • Horn
  • Horn, other
  • Relay, acoustic signal
Starting system
  • Battery
  • Battery cable
  • Battery, other
  • Cap, battery box
  • Holder, battery box cover
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Hose, battery ventilation
Starter motor
Relay, starter motor
Repair kit, starter motor
Carbon brush, starter motor
Solenoid, starter motor
Cable, starter motor
Bushing, starter motor shaft
Start/stop button
Switch, ignition
  • Control module, rain sensor
  • Rain sensor
  • Motor, headlamp washer
  • Relay, headlamp washer
  • Sensor, washer fluid level
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Washer fluid pump
Switch, wiper
Wiper motor, windscreen/rear window
Electrical, other
  • Set, fuses
  • Fuse
  • Fuse box
  • Fuse holder, other
  • Battery
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Contact housing
Contact pin
Electrical socket/contacts
Ground cable
Network cable
Seal, contact
Starting aid connection
Switch, other
Automatic gearbox
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Automatic transmission, other
  • Bearing, automatic transmission
  • Bleed screw, automatic transmission
  • Brake band, automatic transmission
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Bushing, selector lever
Cable, automatic transmission
Connector, automatic transmission-control module
Control module, automatic transmission
Control valve, automatic transmission
Driven plate, automatic transmission
Electronics, automatic transmission
Flange cap, automatic transmission
Gasket set, automatic transmission
Gasket, oil pan, automatic transmission
Holder, oil pan bracket
Hose, oil cooler
Magnet, oil pan-automatic transmission
Oil filter
Ring gasket, hydraulic filter
Seal ring torque converter - oil pump
Selector lever, other
Shaft seal ring, automatic transmission
Shift control
Speed sensor, automatic transmission
Torque converter
Valve unit, hydraulic unit-auto.trans.
Manual gearbox
  • Angle fixing, selector rod
  • Baulk ring, man. trans.
  • Bearing, gear wheel, shafts other
  • Bearing, manual gearbox
  • Cable, manual transmission
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Cover plate, gear lever knob
Cover, manual selector housing
Flange cover, manual transmission
Gear changing unit
Gear lever knob
Gear selector mechanism, other
Gear wheel, intermediate shaft
Housing, manual shift
Input shaft, manual gearbox
Main shaft, shift, manual
Manual gearbox
Nut, transmission main shaft
Repair kit, manual transmission
Seal, gearbox
Selector lever, automatic transmission
Selector lever, other
Spacer ring, gearbox input shaft
Stuffing box, gear selector
Synchroniser body, man. trans.
Synchroniser cone, gear wheel
Vibration damper, selector rod
  • Clutch kit
  • Disc centre
  • Master/slave cylinder
  • Repair kit, clutch master cylinder
  • Repair kit, clutch slave cylinder
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Slave cylinder, clutch
Release bearing
Release fork, clutch
Release mechanism
Release mechanism, clutch
Cable, clutch
Clamping sleeve, release fork
Clutch pedal
Spring, clutch pedal
Cover, clutch pedal
Cover, release bearing shaft-clutch
Pressure plate
Spring, clutch arm
  • Repair kit, differential
  • Bearing set, differential
  • Bearing, differential
  • Bearing, differential shaft
  • Differential
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Differential pinion, differential
Differential, other
Final drive
Gasket set, differential
Housing, differential
Mounting, differential
Oil filter, differential
Oil seal ring, differential
Pressure plate, diff. gear wheel-differential
Seal, differential
Set of bevel gears, differential
  • Gasket set
  • Seal
Drive shaft
  • Drive shaft
  • Gaiter, drive shaft
  • Intermediate shaft, other
  • Rapid repair kit, universal drive joint
  • Shaft nut, drive shaft
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Shaft seal, drive shaft
Propeller shaft
  • Bearing ring, propeller shaft intermediate bearing
  • Bearing seat, propeller shaft intermediate bearing
  • Cover ring, propeller shaft intermediate bearing
  • Fitting kit, propeller angle bracket
  • Holder, propeller shaft intermediate bearing
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Intermediate bearing, propeller shaft
Linkage, propeller shaft intermediate bearing
Mounting, propeller shaft
Propeller shaft
Shield, propeller shaft, intermediate bearing
Sleeve, propeller shaft
Brake pad
  • Brake lining kit, disc brake
  • Warning Contact Brake Pad Wear
  • Set of locking pins
  • Damping plate
  • Lock plate
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Brake lining kit, drum brake
Rivet, drum brake lining
Brake discs
  • Brake disc
  • Backing plate
Brake calliper
  • Brake calliper
  • Repair kit, brake caliper
  • Brake caliper, other
  • Fitting kits, brake caliper
  • Brake jaws, handbrake
  • Cable, handbrake
  • Handbrake lever
  • Handbrake, control, other
  • Handbrake, other
ABS system
  • ABS sensor
  • ABS system, other
  • Connecting cable, ABS
  • Control module, brake system
  • Control module, brake system, other
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Relay, ABS
Sensor ring, ABS
Sensor, pedal travel
Brake pipes/lines
  • Brake hose
  • Brake lines
  • Pipe holder, rubber
  • Brake system, low pressure hose
  • Bushing, grommet, spacer
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Fittings, bracket
Nipple, screw connection
Reducing valve
Seal, stuffing box
Brake drums
  • Brake drum
Brake pedal
  • Brake pedal
  • Brake pedal, other
Master cylinder
  • Master cylinder
  • Repair kit, master brake cylinder
Brake system, hydraulic
  • Brake fluid reservoir
  • Cap, brake fluid reservoir
  • Holder, brake fluid reservoir
  • Hydraulic unit, brake system
  • Plug
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Brake system, vacuum
  • Brake servo
  • Brake servo, other
  • Seal, vacuum line connection
  • Vacuum hose, brake system
  • Vacuum pump, brake system
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Gasket, vacuum pump
Valve, vacuum pump
Fitting kits/Accessories
  • Screw
  • Sensor, longitudinal and transverse acceleration
  • Gaiter, track rod
  • Steering wheel setting, other
  • Accessory kit, steering gear
  • Bushing, steering gear
  • Centre rod
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Cover, steering arm shaft
Gasket set, power steering pump
Gasket set, steering gear
Needle bearing, steering gear
Oil cooler, steering
Power steering pipe/hose
Power steering pump
Repair kit steering gear
Seal, steering system
Steering angle sensor
Steering damper
Steering gear
Steering knuckle
Steering link
Steering rod
Steering shaft